Howaya. So there I was about an hour and a half ago, sitting in front of the stove with me ma and da watching the Enfield Haunting (cracking film/documentary, depending on how addicted you get) absolutely crippled by The Fear from my midweek escapades (detailed later) when a wild idea dawned upon me. Something that’d shake up the world to invention of the wheel  proportions. I’d take a year off the drink (an Irishman!), blog about it and become an internet sensation. I’d call it year no beer. Perfect.

Hold on, that’s been done. Check it out on facebook (shoutout #1), it’s seriously good and responsible for at least half the inspiration behind this (yet to determine the remaining inspiration but we’ve a long road ahead, I’ll figure something). So what’s next best? YearNoFear! Perfect, and even closer to home. Anyone who’s ever stumbled out of coppers in the early hours (that is if you’ve been respectable enough to not have been reefed out beforehand) knows ‘The Fear’. So on I go, onto wordpress and lash in the blog name YearNoFear. Taken (much like anyone half decent in coppers). Bollox to it anyway, clearly wasn’t meant to be.

Hollld on. If Jk Rowling (shoutout #2) gave up after any of the first 11 times her manuscript for Harry and his stone were rejected all of our childhoods would be significantly poorer. And sure look, it’s telling me YearNoFearBlog is available. Sure that’s even better. And that leaves us here, with me about to ramble on and on about why drink is bad and why you should never take so much as a sip, not even if it’s the sacred wine they serve you when you give the priest a dig out at mass.

If that’s what you’re looking for then close tab now and never come back. I love a drink, probably a bit too much but sure is anyone really any different. Can’t hack the fear though and increasingly haven’t been able to hack the sesh. Growing up in Ireland one drink has never been one drink and in my case it’s become one drink too many. As me ‘ol inspiration over at Year No Beer said, ‘I want to have the drink, not that the drink has me’. And sure how better to do that than through a blog, right? Ehh well it’s taken my mind off things for the time being at least.

The second caveat with the blog title is that it’s not necessarily a year off the drink. It’s until whenever I feel I can hack it again. Not when I crack under peer pressure, get the shakes or just need one to make either end of the week meet (it’s never just one). Not even when I’m looking for a little Dutch courage. Whenever I reckon I can enjoy a drink without having to endure the 4 days of fear afterwards, is when I’ll have my next. As an estimate, Lent ends in 2 months and that’s the minimum goal. So the date is February 18th (I lie it’s actually 01.21 on the 19th but I started this post on the 18th and like fuck am I losing a day cause I had to crosscheck how many times JK Rowling was actually rejected) and this is day one. That’s another lie, I haven’t drank since the early hours of the 16th so it’s actually day two. They all count.

I’ve had The Fear for the last 3 days (16th included). Not. Worth. It. One. Bit. Spent my Friday and Saturday instagram searching all photos with #coppers or #copperfacejacks terrified I was caught on camera doing what simply should not be done inside the walls of a night club. Nothing yet. (In the off chance you do have a photo of this unspeakable act, please do feel free to delete and confine it to the cloud for the rest of eternity, I’ll buy ya a pint for it). Also managed to lose my jacket (superdry, if it was 2014 and people still actually wore it this’d be the end of the world), argue with a taxi driver and offend a college accommodation bouncer to the extent he made me freeze my nips off for about 2 hours before granting me permission to his castle. I still maintain he was in the wrong.

So basically, this blog is one man’s journey to enjoying a drink again and escaping the unrelenting wrath of The Fear for once and for all. I’m sure it’ll be a Hollywood Blockbuster someday. The date is February 18th and this is Day 3.


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