Day 4 – Why?

”Are you cracked lad? No chance. I give you two weeks. Hahahaha my arse”

I haven’t told my friends yet but I expect reactions along them lines. They haven’t known me any different. They know my vulnerability to The Fear, they find it hilarious. Sound lads. They also know my fondness for an ol pint of vitamin H. They’re probably right, I won’t last that long. That’s not the point though, it makes no odds if I last 3 years or 3 weeks. It depends when I reckon I’m ready again. When I feel like I can hack it and only time will tell when that’s gonna be.  Read more


Blog 1 – Day 1

Howaya. So there I was about an hour and a half ago, sitting in front of the stove with me ma and da watching the Enfield Haunting (cracking film/documentary, depending on how addicted you get) absolutely crippled by The Fear from my midweek escapades (detailed later) when a wild idea dawned upon me. Something that’d shake up the world to invention of the wheel  proportions. I’d take a year off the drink (an Irishman!), blog about it and become an internet sensation. I’d call it year no beer. Perfect. Read more